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    • 09 September 2016
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    Gary Gardner from Kiwanitalk interviews both Jeffrey S. Leighton and Joy Whitenburg from Center For Neurological Studies in a discussion about Cognitive Research Center For Neurological Studies.   This video gives great insight into the back ground of both Jeffrey and Joy and how they came together with John Russell and Dr. Benson.  Here the interview breaks down how the media's voice is helping bring awareness to the seriousness of long term neurological injuries, that may in fact be prevented with early detection which a thanks to their technology is now possible.

    Here you can learn some of the history on the Center For Neurological Studies, but also how everyone has come together to break through barriers in an attempt to learn more and help those struggling with neurological injuries.  It touches people in all walks of life.   They touch on some of the ongoing studies with military and football injuries and how TBI is affecting people in modern society.  The media is catching up with these injuries to the brain and people are becoming far more aware, which in turn can be treated physiologically rather than just psychologically.





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    • 09 April 2013
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    The nationally renowned, Harvard-trained neurologist, Dr. Randall R. Benson, has set up his neurological practice at the Center for Integrated Neurology in Novi, MI

    Novi, MI (PRWEB) April 08, 2013

    The nationally renowned, Harvard-trained neurologist, Dr. Randall R. Benson, has set up his neurological practice at the Center for Integrated Neurology in Novi, MI, at 43000 W. 9 Mile Road just east of the Novi Road intersection. New patients can reach the Center at (248) 277-3334.

    “The Center is a general neurological practice located on the west-side of Metro Detroit, but we’re certain we’ll see patients from across Michigan because of our specialty in brain injury and sports-related brain trauma,” said Dr. Benson.

    Dr. Benson’s interest in sports-related concussions was established early in his career when he participated in two studies of National Football League (NFL) players. His work led him to testify in 2010 before a U.S. Congressional committee on concussions in pro-football. As many as 4,000 former NFL players now claim lasting injuries from concussions they suffered during their football careers.

    Dr. Benson’s work also extends to individuals suffering brain injury from accidents, especially motor vehicle accidents. “Statistics show that fatalities related to car accidents are down over the past 20 years. Cars are definitely safer, and that’s a positive. But an accident still jolts the head and the impact may cause mild to moderate brain damage. The work we do at the center can help to identify that fact,” said Dr. Benson.

    Work in this area led Dr. Benson to file a patent application for a method to increase the reliability and clinical utility of an advanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technique called diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) in identifying traumatic brain injury (TBI). In one study, DTI scans found tumors, hemorrhages and obstructions in 63 of 179 patients that were undiscovered using traditional MRI scans. Dr. Benson uses another advanced MRI technique—susceptibility-weighted imaging—which has been shown to be 3-6 times more sensitive than traditional MRI scans.

    A board-certified neurologist, Dr. Benson also serves as Medical Director of the Center for Neurological Studies (CNS) located in Dearborn. John D. Russell, executive director of the non-profit CNS, said the opening of Dr. Benson’s practice will is certain to benefit patients and, by extension, their loved ones. “Traumatic brain injury is more prevalent than most people think. To have someone of Dr. Benson’s education and caliber, with his knowledge of mild to moderate TBI, this is welcome news,” said Russell.

    Dr. Benson holds a dual fellowship in behavioral neurology and functional neuroimaging from Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. He has authored or co-authored numerous research articles in juried publications, has spoken on the topic of brain injury/disorder around the world, and has been involved in significant research projects for the US National Institutes of Health and the Department of Defense, among others.

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    NOTE TO EDITORS: Dr. Benson is a subject matter expert, available for interview on brain injuries and brain-related diseases. Topics may include concussions in sports, help for caregivers of loved ones suffering brain disease and concussions among combat veterans. To arrange an interview, he may be reached at (248) 227-3334